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I live in a world of art.

Art flows through every speck of life around me. Music, cuisine and culinary, creative design, creation of spaces and ambience, construction of buildings and homes, and attention to detail, define who I am today, and I involve myself in them all.

The photography I do is a canvas with combinations of passion that stems from my years of training in instrumental music, the performing arts, and creative arts, that come together today under a modern world of advanced digital imaging.

Ever since I can remember I had an affinity to be an artist, or take up an art form. My parents let me explore the creative side of my bloodline from a very young age. My love affair with art started in music, in the late 80's, when I began to take classes in instrumental performance. I explored my early affinity to art through musical instruments, when I studied western classical music on the piano, and self taught myself how to play the guitar, both of which I play till today.

I first started taking photos when I was 10 years old. I feel art is the same in every form. How we represent art and creation is through tools. Just how music and instruments are tools, my camera is a paintbrush to enable me to express the art inside me.

I never shoot with a future goal or final concept in mind. When I walk streets, or am on a holiday, or even with friends, I shoot what I see in my head as how I would like to remember the sight in front of me. When I shoot people, I prefer to interact with them before I pick up the camera, and I talk to them while I am taking pictures, allowing me to capture all their natural expressions and moods. When I shoot for travel, I take pictures of not what just tourists do, rather those of what I wish to remember. More importantly I take pictures of those moments of my travel that have waved back to me. It is not possible to photograph something that doesn't talk back to you, person or place.

With Artfoto, I would like to take you on a journey to a world that I live in, and walk through, and talk to. Artfoto is a world where the paintbrush is a camera and the photo is created into something as magical as a painting could be. There are no themes or concepts in Artfoto, nor are there explanations of why I capture what I have. Artfoto is the way I see the world, and the things that I love and those that speak with life.

Ishaan Suri, 2011